A Royal Wedding

Heralded by trumpet, the King and his court arrived. After he welcomed everyone to the faire, King Bertram declared that a tournament would be held to find a suitable husband for his eldest daughter Pamela. After the King finished introducing the members of his court, the Duke and Duchess of Eiville made an unexpected appearance. Apparently the Duke (brother of the late Queen) made the trip to witness the marriage of his niece, much to the displeasure of the King.

Before the first tournament began, Princess Pamela believed that her minstrel was missing. Aren the Astrologer checked her star charts and found the minstrel in a precarious situation. Princess Genevra confronted Prince Zack and informed him that she knew that he traded the minstrel to the bandits. The first tournament found Sir Sean victorious over Sir Liam.

The ladies of the court gathered to discuss the qualities of a good husband. Princess Pamela confided that she was secretly in love with Sir Sean and desperately hoped that he would win the tournament. The other women discussed the merits of arranged marriages and how the heart cannot be trusted. Princess Genevra stated that she would only marry when and if she decided. The discussion stopped abruptly when Queen Charlotte entered. Pamela, Genevra and Dana (the lady in waiting) felt much animosity towards the new queen, as they believed she was an opportunist. The Queen tried to engage in some small talk but was politely ignored. The astrologer felt compassion for the new queen and made some drastic predictions for the other women who all left in a frightened huff.

Meanwhile King Bertram, Prince Zack, Sir Sean and Sir Liam were discussing the qualities of a good wife. They held a contest amongst themselves to come up with the world's worst/best pick up lines. Lady Elane and her mother interrupted the men with the idea of a contest to find brides for the knights. The Duke and Duchess of Eiville approached with their daughter Sara and expressed their interest in the contest. The Duke secretly wanted his daughter to marry the King's champion (Sir Liam) so that the Eiville's could infiltrate the kingdom.

The witch, wizard, healer and astrologer gathered to discuss the merits of their individual beliefs. The astrologer stated that she consults her star charts for every couple she encounters. The healer believed that couples should not marry unless they have similar interests and backgrounds. The wizard felt that attractions are a special kind of magic that should not be interfered with. The witch told the others that she supplies love potions to those in need and claimed they always work. The wizard and witch began to argue when the Eiville's approached and asked to see the witch alone. The Duchess asked the witch for a love potion for her daughter. While the Duke kept the witch occupied, the Duchess gave Sara some of the potion and poured poison back into the bottle before she gave it back to the witch.

Princess Pamela grew more upset about the absence of her minstrel and not knowing whom her husband would be. The King, Queen and Dana tried their best to comfort Pamela. Princess Genevra confronted Zack and told him that she knew that he traded the minstrel to the bandits for free passage into the woods. Genevra told him to get the minstrel back. Prince Zack demanded to know how his sister knew this as the two of them left together.

Before the second tournament began, the minstrel returned to the court with Zack. The King inquired about her absence. She told him that the bandits took her, leaving out Zack's involvement because of her feelings towards him. The King declared a zero tolerance policy for the bandits and ordered his guards to capture them. Genevra defended the bandits and claimed they keep the town clear of thieves as she left in a huff. The battle between Sir Randall and Sir Sean ended with Sir Randall as the victor.

Before the third tournament began, Princess Pamela was very concerned over her sister's absence so Prince Zack took off in search of her. The wizard and healer diplomatically tried to match up the knights with brides however Elane was left out. The witch, who saw this, went to Elane with a love potion (the same one given back by the Duchess of Eiville). The third tournament found Sir Liam victorious over Sir Randall. As King Bertram declared Sir Liam the winner, Sir Randall in a fit of rage charged toward his adversary and struck him from the side. The two knights continued to fight each other again.

During the fight, Elane collapsed to the ground from the poison as Liam went to her aid. Unconcerned about the health of Elane, the dark knight was about to strike Sir Liam from behind when Sir Sean intervened and saved Liam's life. After a grueling battle, Sir Sean was able to disarm his opponent and the guards took Sir Randall away, much to the protest of the Eiville's.

The bandits entered the court with their leader. Prince Zack revealed that the bandit leader was none other than his sister Genevra! The bandits donated stolen money as a wedding present and the Queen decided to give it to the needy townsfolk. After attending to Elane, the Healer deducted that Elane was poisoned and accused the witch. In her defense, the witch stated that all she gave Elane was a love potion, the same one that Sara Eiville had taken. She then realized that it must have been the Eiville's who tampered with her potion. Enraged, the King threw the Eiville's out of his kingdom. The day ended with the marriage of Sir Sean to Princess Pamela.