A Dragon Afoot in the the Kingdom of Mearth

A year after the great tournament which brought Sir Sean of Guildford together with the Princess Pamela in marriage, the kingdom of Mearth was plagued by terrible fires and missing livestock. Rumor quickly spread about a hideous dragon, said to be wreaking havoc in the countryside. His Majesty King Bertram ordered a tournament to determine which, among all his knights, was strong enough to deliver the kingdom from such a scourge.

Even the Duke of Eiville and his family offered their assistance in the form of a magical chain. The wizard protested the use of dark forces to bind any living creature. The debate continued until the Duke of Eiville drew his sword against the wizard who retaliated with a magical blast from his staff. The Duke and Duchess of Eiville forced the King to punish the Wizard, as it is unlawful to use magic against a nobleman. The Queen tried to reason with the King but to no avail as the Wizard was arrested and escorted out of the kingdom.

The first round of the tournament started with Sir Liam of Mearth defeating Sir Sean of Guildford. The next battle was scheduled between Sir Randall of Eiville and Sir Thomas of Wellington. Before the fight started, the Duke of Eiville declared that he was not pleased with Sir Randall and dismissed him to make way for his new champion Sir Morden of Blackmoore. The stranger, all clad in black, quickly defeated Sir Thomas of Wellington.

As the second round was about to commence, Sir Randall stepped forward and declared his lot in the tournament. The Duke of Eiville protested that Sir Randall was dismissed by him and has no sponsor. Just then, the Wizard entered and declared Sir Randall as his chosen knight. The Duke of Eiville was enraged and reminded the King that the Wizard has been banished and is not even a landowner and therefore cannot sponsor a knight. The Wizard informed the court that he is in fact a landowner, the Earl of Waterford.

The Wizard declared that when Sir Randall wins the tournament, the dragon would be captured in a humane fashion. The King turned to his wife to discuss the matter, while the Duke and Duchess of Eiville tried to discredit and humiliate Sir Randall. Apparently, the Queen rewarded the Wizard with some of her family's land when he saved the life of her son Alexander. Finally, the King declared everything in order and allowed Sir Randall to participate in the tournament. In the first match, Sir Thomas of Wellington defeated the King's champion Sir Liam of Mearth. Sir Randall of Waterford lost to Sir Sean of Guildford but was victorious in the next match against Sir Thomas of Wellington.

As the knights made their way to the tournament area for the third round, Sir Morden stole a kiss from Lady Elane, the wife of Sir Liam. Enraged, Sir Liam rushed to attack Sir Morden but the other knights broke up the scuffle. Sir Morden defeated Sir Sean in the first match while Sir Randall eliminated Sir Liam from the tournament. As the royal court left the tournament area, Reginald the Scholar frantically ran through the crowd in search of some very important letters that were stolen from his person.

In the final tournament, Sir Morden of Blackmoore defeated Sir Randall of Waterford. Princess Genevra ran to Sir Randall's side while the Duke of Eiville sent Sir Morden off to capture the dragon with the magical chain. The Queen requested that the ladies of the court should have a meeting to resolve this conflict peacefully.

During the meeting, each woman realized that they had been delivered a letter. The letters were stolen from the Scholar by the fairies and distributed to the wrong people. Soon fighting broke out between the ladies over the contents of the letters. The Wizard arrived during this commotion in search of the Queen who accidentally kneed him in the groin. As he lay on the ground in pain, the Wizard called for the Scholar who took a letter from him (that was given to him by the fairies) and delivered it to the Queen.

Tribal drumming was heard throughout the kingdom as Sir Morden brought the bound dragon before the King. People were astonished at the sight of the dragon, as it was not the menacing beast that the rumors described, but a baby dragon incapable of flight, let alone breathing fire. The Duke of Eiville ordered Sir Morden to slay the dragon who was only too eager to comply. The Wizard protested and asked the King to hear him out. The Duke of Eiville responded that the people were tired of being tormented by the dragon and indecisiveness of such a weak King, which divided the villagers into two camps. The Wizard declared that he would fight to the death to defend the dragon, Sir Liam and Sir Sean stepped up to support the Wizard. Sir Thomas decided to join Sir Morden as all eyes turned towards Sir Randall. Loursa Eiville held a knife to the throat of Princess Genevra forcing Sir Randall to take Sir Morden's side.

A skirmish ensued between the men. Sir Morden took on Sir Sean; Sir Randall fought Sir Liam while Sir Thomas went after the Wizard. During the fight, Princess Pamela and the Healer freed Genevra from Loursa, which allowed Sir Randall to change sides. The fighting stopped as Sir Morden and Sir Thomas were outnumbered. Sir Randall freed the dragon from its magical chains and burned his hand in the process. Not to be defeated, Sir Morden charged toward the dragon in order to slay it. The Wizard stepped in front of the dragon to protect it and was stabbed instead. Sir Liam confronted Morden and the two began to fight while the Healer attended to the Wizard. Sir Liam disarmed Sir Morden, placing his sword against the dark knight's throat. After pondering the fate of his opponent, Sir Liam decided to let Morden live the rest of his life as a coward.

The Wizard got up from his injury and informed everyone that the dragon was innocent and that bandits were hired by the Eivilles to start fires and steal livestock. The Eivilles denied the accusations while the Wizard dragged the leader of the bandits before the King who confessed to everything. The King declared the dragon a free and noble creature as the day ended in celebration.