A Wizard's World

A peaceful year has passed since the Eivilles were banished from the Kingdom. King Bertram, in good spirits, called for a tournament and offered a generous bag of gold as a prize. Queen Charlotte and Princess Pamela wanted the land of the Eivilles to be given away in addition to the gold purse but the King was in a forgiving mood. The Princess informed her father about the rumours that the scoundrels had been spotted in Mearth. This news caused the King to re-evaluate his position and agreed that the lands of the Eivilles would be given away if the banishment agreement were breached. As if on cue, a messenger arrived with news that the Eivilles had been captured which caused quite a stirring amongst the court.

The Eivilles were brought unceremoniously to the tournament area where they were locked in a cage. The knights participating in the tournament were then introduced and sworn in: Sir Sean of Guildford, Sir Liam of Mearth, Sir Malcolm of Gordon and Sir Tobias of Smallton. As it has been tradition over the past few years, the first battle was fought between the Kings son-in-law Sir Sean and the Kings champion Sir Liam. The end of the battle saw Sir Sean victorious over his good friend, although one might question this as Sir Sean had to be restrained by the fight master. The next battle saw newcomer Sir Tobias victorious over an exhausted Sir Sean.

In the second round, Sir Liam redeemed himself by defeating Sir Tobias. Sir Malcolm surprised the crowd as he defeated Sir Liam who sustained an injury and was escorted from the tournament area by Princess Genevra and the healer. Just then, a stranger clad in a dark cloak entered the tournament ring and slowly began to clap. As he removed his hood, the stranger informed the King that his knights fight like small children but without the courage. Bartaloman the wizard was taken by surprise and informed the King that the stranger was none other than his twin brother Darmokk!

The estranged sibling insisted that he was cheated out of his rightful inheritance as he was the eldest child and challenged his brother to a battle of honour. Bartaloman claimed that he was the eldest child and received the inheritance because their mother liked him best. The King, not knowing what to do, called upon his royal advisor. Since no official birth records existed for either man, the advisor concluded that a battle of honour would be the only fair way to settle such a dispute. The King took the advice from his trusted servant and ordered Bartaloman to face his brother. Blasts of magic flew through the air as the wizards squared off. In the end, Darmokk was victorious and announced that he would take the Eivilles as his prize.

The King protested but the evil wizard used magic to force open the cage, freeing the Eivilles. To make matters worse, Darmokk cast a spell on the entire court and imprisoned them inside the cage instead. The evil wizard then sent his brother away in search of the Mearth dragon or else bad things would happen to those locked up inside the cage.

From out of nowhere, an injured Sir Liam entered the ring and began to fight with Sir Simon of Eiville. This caused enough distraction for Princess Genevra and the healer to unlock the cage and set the royals free. After Sir Simon defeated Sir Liam, Darmokk stated that he was fully aware of the pathetic escape attempt and forced the members of the court back into the cage.

Since the matter of the Eiville lands were still at stake, Darmokk entered his own knight into the tournament.  Sir Morden of Blackmoore! The Eivilles protested as Sir Simon was forced to fight the vile Sir Morden. After a quick battle, Darmokk declared Sir Morden the winner of the Eiville lands and himself the winner of the Kingdom. The Eivilles protested loudly who were then put under a spell and locked inside the cage with the others.

The messenger appeared and informed Darmokk that that Bartaloman would soon return with the dragon. King Bertram and the Duke of Eiville started to loudly insult one another inside the cage. Darmokk stated that he was bored and released them from the cage, as he wanted to see another fight. The King and the Duke protested but Darmokk forced them to fight or else harm would come to the daughters of both men. Neither combatant had picked up a sword in years and soon they resorted to throwing insults rather than punches. "You fight like a fairy", stated the Duke of Eiville. "Well, you fight like a pack of fairies", countered the King. Darmokk had a strong reaction to this and forced both men back inside the cage where they began to work on a plan.

The mood was interrupted when Bartaloman returned with the dragon. Darmokk was gleeful and stroked the dragons skin in anticipation of his new cloak and unstoppable power. He decided to spare the life of his brother if he left immediately and promised never to return. Bartaloman offered a wizard's oath: his freedom in exchange for the safety of his friends. Darmokk agreed to the offer and imprisoned his brother and set the royals free, who left the ring to set their plan into action.

The court members soon returned hiding a bunch of fairies in their midst. Darmokk ordered Sir Morden to slay the dragon but Bartaloman protested, stating that the dragon is one of his friends and that Darmokk promised not to hurt any of them. The evil wizard's hand was burned as he dropped the staff of Bartaloman who freed himself from the cage. Darmokk looked confused for a moment but collected his thoughts and convinced his brother to continue with the tournament as it was the honourable thing to do. Bartaloman agreed and chose Sir Sean to defend the Kingdom against Sir Morden. After a long and gruelling battle, Sir Sean was victorious over the black knight. An angered Darmokk stepped forward and stated that he had his fingers crossed when making the oath. At the same time, the fairies were released who surrounded Darmokk and his minion. Both men were imprisoned as King Bertram and the Duke of Eiville shook hands. The King returned the lands back to the Duke and the day ended in celebration.