A Tale of Two Kingdoms

It was a wonderful fall day as King Bertram of Mearth was delighted that his niece Gwen could make the journey all the way from Ticklesby. Just then, King Davius and his entourage arrived from the neighboring Kingdom of Dearth. It seemed as though King Davius was interested in forming an alliance with Mearth, in order to create a mega-kingdom. King Bertram was receptive to the idea but first wanted to test the strength of the Dearth knights and decided to hold a competition.


The knights of Mearth were introduced: king's champion Sir Liam of Mearth, king's son-in-law Sir Sean of Guildford and Sir Tobias of Smallton. An excited Gwen ran over to her uncle and asked to participate in the tournament. The King scoffed at the idea of women participating in combat and told his niece to sit down much to her disappointment. The knights of Dearth were then introduced: king's champion Sir Morgan of Irksome, Sir Lara of Drat and Sir Wallace of Sye. Much to King Bertram's surprise two of the knights from Dearth were women and ordered his knights to be gentle with them. The King of Mearth received a second surprised as Sir Lara defeated his champion and Sir Morgan was victorious over his son-in-law.

Before the second round of competition, Sir Morgan expressed her concerns to King Davius that her feminine wiles may not be enough as Sir Liam was one of her teachers. The royal court entered the arena and were stunned to see the wizard Darmokk, who only a year ago nearly obtained unimaginable power. It seemed that a year in the fairy kingdom had left him a tabula rasa, neither good nor evil. King Bertram permitted Darmokk to stay in order to keep an eye on him in hopes to steer him to the path of good. The wizard reacquainted himself with Princess Ginevra who seemed disappointed that he was no longer evil.

While King Bertram discussed matters with Darmokk, King Davius showered Queen Charlotte with many compliments and gave her a pigeon bone necklace. This did not sit well with the King of Mearth, nor did the fact that his wife and Davius were old acquaintances. The King's daughter was also upset as she got a closer look at Sir Lara, who was an old acquaintance of her husband Sir Sean! The next round of battles did not go well for the Mearth knights as Sir Wallace defeated Sir Tobias and Sir Lara managed to score a victory over Sir Sean. Princess Pamela was upset that her husband had let Sir Lara win. Sir Sean tried to defend himself and stated that he was only following the King's orders but to no avail.

Not impressed with the standings in the tournament and not pleased with how attentive King Davius was toward his wife, King Bertram ordered his knights to win. Able to fight full strength, Sir Liam proved victorious over Sir Morgan while Sir Sean redeemed himself by defeating Sir Wallace. During the fights, Sir Lara flirted with Sir Sean, which angered Princess Pamela who had a few things to say to the knight from Dearth.

After the royal family left the tournament ring, King Davius gathered his entourage together along with Darmokk and convinced the wizard that Princess Ginevra could be his with the help of a love potion. Darmokk was sure that the King of Dearth was up to something but his love for the Princess was so strong, he ran off to make the potion. King Davius then explained that with a love potion administered to the Mearths, Sir Morgan would have Sir Liam all to herself, Sir Lara could rekindle what she once had with Sir Sean and of course he would take Queen Charlotte in addition to the entire Kingdom of Mearth!

Princess Pamela upset that her husband was being too friendly toward Sir Lara, ordered her servants to pack her belongings and decided to leave the Kingdom. Gwen ran after the princess in order to talk some sense into her. Meanwhile, Sir Tobias and Sir Wallace battled it out in a rematch but this time the knight from Mearth prevailed. However, during their fight, Sir Liam constantly criticized Sir Tobias for his unorthodox fighting style, which angered the knight from Smallton to the point of challenging the king's champion to a dual! Sir Liam was quick to make an example out of Sir Tobias, who suffered an injury to his leg. After King Bertram declared another victory for Mearth, King Davius proposed a toast to the royal family. Darmokk poured wine for the Dearths and then infused it with a love potion before he poured wine for the Mearths. The Healer insisted on tasting the wine before King Bertram drank and left him with an empty goblet for the toast.

It did not take long for the potion to take affect and soon love filled the air. Sir Sean could not bear to fight his newfound love Sir Lara and happily lost to her. Likewise, Sir Morgan had an easy victory over the love struck Sir Liam. Watching his knights as they stumbled around the ring, King Bertram realized that something was afoot and asked Darmokk for an explanation. The wizard informed the king that his court was under the influence of a love potion but refused to reverse the spell since that would mean losing Princess Ginevra.

With Queen Charlotte at his side, King Davius removed the crown from King Bertrams head and sat in his throne. The King of Mearth asked his knights to overtake King Davius but Sir Tobias was injured and the other knights were too besotted with love. Suddenly, Princess Pamela arrived with Gwen, who entered the tournament with the blessing of her uncle. It was a long battle but eventually Gwen was able to defeat Sir Morgan, however, King Davius declared that Gwen must fight all three of his knights. Just as the Dearth knights were about to attack Gwen, Darmokk entered professing that he wanted Princess Ginevra to love him without the influence of magic and broke the spell! Sir Liam and Sir Sean quickly join Gwen making it a 3 on 3 fight and were able to overpower the Dearth knights who retreated from the arena. Princess Pamela settled her differences with Sir Sean and Queen Charlotte made up with her husband. King Bertram then bid farewell to his subjects as the court proceeded to the ceili.