Mirror of Darkshadow

The royal court entered the tournament ring as King Bertram announced that the knights would fight each other for a bag of gold and the title of King's Champion. This of course, displeased the current champion Sir Liam, who has bravely protected the Kingdom for the past several years.

Before the fighting began, the Queen excused herself from the proceedings, stating that she had more important things to do such as look after the sick and the needy. King Bertram, while appreciative of his wife's good intentions, admitted that sometimes he felt neglected. Just then, a mysterious wizard appeared and claimed that Queen Charlotte had quite the wild side as a young woman. The King wished that his wife would show that side once in a while. The Wizard introduced himself as Scradyn and stated that he could arrange this for a price. The King agreed and promised the wizard a magical orb in return. In the first series of battles, Sir Goderick defeated Sir Wallace and Sir Lara won a surprise victory over Sir Liam.

Scradyn followed the royal court into the tournament arena and told King Bertram he had the solution to his "little problem". The King denied any such affliction and then realized what the wizard was talking about. Davius, Lady Gwendolyn and Samuel brought in a mirror and presented it to Queen Charlotte. The mirror transformed the Queen who began to flirt with the King, who was very impressed and awarded the orb to Scradyn. King Bertram then addressed why his former nemesis was in the arena. Davius claimed that he was a changed man and that he no longer carried the title of "King", as such hierarchical systems demean the individual value of all living creatures. Queen Charlotte declared that she felt more powerful as she picked up a sword and swung it around with one hand. The tournament continued as Sir Morgan defeated Sir Lara and Sir Liam redeemed himself against Sir Goderick.

The royal court entered the arena with the oddly behaving former King Davius, who was giving food to the townsfolk. Davius gave Scradyn a big hug and thanked him for changing his life, as the Wizard tried to downplay the relationship. The King reminded the knights that he was looking for a new champion and wanted to see something different. Before his match, Sir Tobias entertained the court with song, who was later defeated by Sir Liam. Sir Morgan also tried her hand at song who was defeated by Sir Wallace. The King declared the battles a draw as he was equally impressed by both voice and blade. Not wanting to be outdone, an angst ridden Sir Liam sang and danced for the court. This impressed the King who left with Sir Liam in order to learn some new moves. Queen Charlotte and Scradyn forged a plan to take over the Kingdom and rule it together. The now evil Queen convinced the knights of upper Mearth to join her in exchange for a fiefdom. She then made the same arrangement with the knights of lower Mearth.

The knights from upper and lower Mearth taunted one another before the next round of battle. A wounded beggar stumbled into the tournament ring and Davius attended to his wounds. Queen Charlotte kicked the beggar out of the way in order to take center stage. She presented some bandits who put on a demonstration fight since the King wanted to "see something different". The Wizard approached the Queen with concerns about their plan to subtly take over the kingdom. Queen Charlotte replied that her plan was more direct and therefore better. She then told her husband that his reign was in shambles and that she could take over the Kingdom with the snap of her fingers. The Wizard tried to convince the King that the Queen was merely kidding but she told the Wizard to mind his own business as she marched out of the arena. Realizing that the Queen was beyond his control, Scradyn proposed a plan to help the King restore order. King Bertram was skeptical but agreed to listen.

The Wizard announced that he would enter his own knight into the tournament, thereby giving the knights of upper & lower Mearth a common foe. To everyone's surprise, Scradyn summoned Sir Morden of Blackmoore, who defeated Sir Goderick with ease. Sir Liam protested that it wasn't fair to enter a new knight this late into the tournament and that Sir Morden should have to fight more than one knight. Confident of his skills, the dark knight agreed to fight both Sir Liam and Sir Tobias at the same time. Once again, the knights from Mearth were easily defeated as they left the arena in shame. Queen Charlotte convinced Sir Morden to join her cause and the two of them left the tournament arena arm in arm. This latest turn of events left both King Bertam and Scradyn demoralized and perplexed. Princess Ginevra and the Healer formulated a plan to get the old Queen back.

The King and the Wizard confronted Queen Charlotte about her madness. The Queen dismissed them and demonstrated her power by starting a battle between the knights of upper and lower Mearth. During the battle, King Bertram and Scradyn tried to convince the knights that the Queen was playing them against one another. The knights eventually came around which forced Queen Charlotte to confront them with the aid of the bandits. Just then, Princess Ginevra and the Healer arrived with the mirror. Sir Liam and the rest of the knights forced the Queen to look at her own reflection, which reversed the spell. The magic mirror had the ability to change a person from good to evil as in the case of Queen Charlotte or from evil to good as in the case of King Davius. The troublesome mirror was destroyed by Sir Liam who was awarded the title of Kings Champion. Happy to have regained his position, the noble knight gave the tournament winnings to the Healer. With that, another Faire drew to a close as everyone headed down to celebrate at the Ceili.