Mightier than the Sword

An uneasy murmur erupted from the crowd as the royal court made their way to the tournament arena. All eyes were focused on an unwed Princess Ginevra who was quite obvious with child. Before the festivities began, King Bertram introduced two members of the court who where on a co-op term; Baldwin a great Wizard in training and Madelaine a Scholar of Alchemy who was very close to graduating.

Queen Charlotte told her husband that each year they have a fighting tournament and that they should hold a different competition this year. She then went on to describe that her and the Healer came up with an idea to celebrate the Bronze Age, where they could dress up in costumes, speak with Bronze accents and such. The King thought this was a bad idea and insisted that everyone wanted to see a tournament. In the first round of competition, Sir Wallace defeated Sir Liam and Sir Isabella was victorious against Sir Goderick.

After the battle, Baldwin suggested that the Queen should stop her futile efforts, as the knights would never lay down their arms. Queen Charlotte made a wager with the wizard-in-training that he would have to heal all of the sick people in the Kingdom if she could stop the knights of their barbaric actions. Baldwin agreed and then declared that if he won and the tournament went to completion, it would be the Queen who would become deathly ill.

Madelaine and the Healer once again asked the King for a festival without fighting and cited that stronger communication was a better way to resolve issues. The knights thought this was a ridiculous idea, and stated that their sharp swords managed to drive the point across just fine. The tournament continued with Sir Shorla losing to Sir Wallace and Sir Isabella getting the win over Sir Lara.

The Scholar wanted to help prove the Queen's point that words were mightier tool than swords, so she performed an alchemical spell on the knights. The spell prevented the knights from effectively communicating with each other, they could hear words but not the actual words that were spoken.

Queen Charlotte returned from taking a census of the people in the Kingdom stricken with illness and ordered the knights to lay down their weapons. They did not understand the request, but since the Queen gave it, they lay down on the ground and clucked like hens. Concerned and confused by the knight's actions, the Queen revealed the details of her wager with the Wizard. Madelaine realized the dire situation and told the Queen that she had cast a spell on the knights that made them misunderstand. Due to some serous misunderstandings, Sir Tobias challenged Sir Liam to a duel and got the upset victory.

The King, Princess, Scholar and Healer tried to communicate with the knights. First they used charades but the knights didn't understand. Next they tried semaphores but the knights still did not understand. The King then tried to send a communique but it didn't go very far when he threw it, so the Herald suggested weighting it down with some blackberries. Despite their efforts, the tournament continued as Sir Goderick trounced Sir Liam and Sir Morgan defeated Sir Lara.

As the tournament progressed, the Queen became noticeably ill. Madelaine tried to improve the situation by asking the townsfolk in attendance for assistance. They tried to communicate with the knights in foreign languages, sign language and even telepathy. None of these methods proved successful as the knights threw in their lots to continue the tournament. In the next round, Sir Morgan clobbered Sir Goderick and Sir Tobias got the duke against Sir Wallace.

The Heralds claimed that they cracked the code as to what the knights were hearing but they couldn't agree amongst themselves and eventually came to blows. King Bertram attempted to distract the knights as he invited some attractive townsfolk, in the hope that love was mightier than fighting. The knights believed they were receiving flirtatious compliments and competed for attention. Somehow this caused the knights to break out into a dance competition which quickly deteriorated into fisticuffs.

The Scholar accused the Wizard of attempting to kill the Queen. The Wizard in turn accused the Scholar of incapacitating the knights. With the entire kingdom up in arms, the Healer picked up a sword to intervene. She showed all in attendance that fighting was hurting the Queen. After her cause and effect demonstration, the knights realized the situation and immediately dropped their weapons. After the fighting stopped, it didn't take long for Queen Charlotte to be restored to full health.

The initial question on the mind of everyone since the start of the tournament was finally answered. Princess Ginevra revealed that she had been secretly married to Horton the Baker and that they were expecting a child. The royal court and the townsfolk headed to the ceili to celebrate the arrival of a royal heir.