Comedieval Mearth

The royal court entered the tournament arena with much pomp and ceremony. King Bertram gave his annual address on the state of the Kingdom while Queen Charlotte presented a graphical chart that showed the financial state of Mearth. In addition, the Healer presented a health report which revealed that scurvy, rabies and swordsman thumb were on the rise.

The King called forth his Master of Arms to bring in the Knights, which were introduced by the Herold. The Jester interrupted the proceedings to announce that the popularity of the Royal Court was down in the polls and speculated that the court was seen as too serious. The Royal Couple protested that they were indeed fun. The Queen demonstrated this by drawing a smiley face on her graph while the King attempted to juggle a bag of gold.

The King and Queen conceded that perhaps they could lighten up a bit and asked the Jester for help. He suggested that having a jail at the tournament might cast a solemn pall on the day. Sir Morgan interrupted and stated that the cage was needed for when the dragon was captured. The Jester suggested that the tournament could be used to determine the funniest Knight, instead of the one best suited to defend the Kingdom. His suggestion was quickly dismissed as the tournament began.

In the first round, Sir Tobias defeated Sir Goderich and Sir Shorla was victorious over Sir Lara. Samantha the Fairy Queen made an appearance (wearing special glasses, which allowed everyone to see her) and announced that she was looking for a companion. The King and Queen encouraged the Knights to be light hearted and worthy of a Fairy Queen but to no avail. In the next round of competition, Sir Shorla stole victory away from Sir Liam while Sir Isabella lost against Sir Lara. Samantha decided to make the Knights more light hearted but accidentally spread fairy dust over the King and Queen instead. Sir Morgan made a triumphant entry as she locked up the dragon in the cage. An enraged Fairy Queen summoned two fairies, which unlocked the cage and took the dragon away to safety. This caused Sir Morgan and Samantha to get into shouting match as the King and Queen lead the combatants out of the ring with red scarves. The scheduled fighting continued with Sir Liam and Sir Tobias knocking each other out and Sir Isabella getting the win over Sir Goderich.

The Fairy Queen was upset that the Kingdom of Mearth captured dragons and that none of the Knights appeared remotely worthy to be her companion. The King and Queen decided that the Knights should perform some improvisational comedy in order to demonstrate their potential. The defenders of the Kingdom were divided up into two teams but being of a competitive nature, the comedy routine soon turned into an all out brawl.

The next round of competition saw Sir Liam victorious over Sir Goderich. After the battle, King Bertram and Queen Charlotte put on a puppet show, which poked fun at the Fairy Queen's quest. Having seen enough of the day's proceedings, Sir Morgan declared the King and Queen unfit to rule and locked them up inside of the cage. After a long struggle, the Knights who still continued to support the Royal Couple were able to set them free. King Bertram and Queen Charlotte came forward and admitted that the fairy dust had long since wore off but were having so much fun that they did not want to behave. All of the Knights declared Morgan a traitor and moved to attack her. However, the King stopped them as he stated that she was just looking out for the good of the Kingdom. The Fairy Queen declared that she would never return to Mearth and would take all of her fairies with her. This caused great alarm as people still remembered the last time the fairies were not present (it wasn't pretty).

As a last ditch effort, the Jester came forward and told Samantha a joke. It wasn't a very good joke but good enough for her to reconsider her actions. The Fairy Queen thought the Jester was a little too sad to visit her Kingdom but she would consider visiting Mearth again. With that, another Faire drew to a close, as everyone headed down to the Queen's Stage... and they all danced at the ceili.