Brothers at Arms

King Bertram welcomed everyone to the tenth annual Faire. He took the opportunity to declare his reign as one of the most successful in the history of Mearth. Not wanting to break from tradition, he announced that a bag of gold would be given to the victor of the tournament.

The Master of Arms informed the King that the Knights did not want to fight for a bag of gold. They believed that peace had finally come to the Kingdom and did not feel the need to sharpen their fighting skills. King Bertram dismissed the notion and ordered the start of the tournament. The Knights placated the King by having a playful skirmish.

When only two Knights remained, Sir Liam continued with the mock battle while Sir Sean soundly defeated him. Annoyed by the lackadaisical Knights and their desire to defend the Kingdom, Sir Sean left the arena in disgust.

A murmur erupted from the crowd as two strangers approached the throne. They introduced themselves as Simon and Miriam, the rightful Monarchs of Mearth. King Bertram scoffed at the notion and demanded proof of such a preposterous claim.

The couple unveiled a painting which portrayed a mother and two babies. Simon stated that the baby on the left was Bertram while the baby with the mole on the right was Theodore, his brother. Bertram was shocked to learn that he had a twin brother and at the same time saddened to learn that his father was deceased. Simon stated that it was tradition for the oldest child to sit on the right and since his father had passed away, he was now the rightful heir to the throne. King Bertram dismissed the claim and ordered the tournament to resume.

The next round of competition saw Sir Goderick defeat Sir Lara while Sir Isabella lost to Sir Tobias. The Magistrate asked the court if there were any grievances in the Kingdom. Simon stepped forward and made his plea for the throne.

After some deliberation, the Magistrate decided that the Knights would be divided into two teams. Fighting for King Bertram was Sir Liam, Sir Tobias and Sir Shorla; while Sir Goderick, Sir Lara and Sir Isabella fought to put Simon on the throne. In the next round of competition, Sir Shorla defeated Sir Goderick while Sir Isabella upset Sir Liam.

Fearing for the current state of the Kingdom, Sir Goderick threw the next fight to Sir Liam. Simon protested that all of the Knights were loyal to King Bertram and ordered his own Knights to come forth (Sir Morden, Sir Wallace, Sir Malcolm and Sir Polly). The Magistrate allowed Simon's Knights to fight on his behalf, as Sir Wallace bested Sir Tobias. Simon stated that magical creatures were great judges of character and brought forth the Fairy Queen with Grendl the dragon. It is well known that dragons can sniff out royalty and Grendl appeared to be more pleased with Simon than King Bertram.

This new evidence swayed Sir Shorla to join Simon in his crusade but she failed to defeat Sir Lara. Sir Malcolm won his battle against Sir Goderick, while Sir Isabella tied things up with a win over Sir Polly. Sir Liam and Sir Morden were chosen to break the tie by their respective leaders. During the match, Sir Wallace and Sir Malcolm held Princess Pamela at sword point, which forced Sir Liam to hold back his advance. Suddenly, Sir Sean appeared from the crowd and began to thump Sir Morden while Sir Liam proceeded to rescue the Princess. Sir Sean fought bravely for King and country and defeated the mighty Sir Morden.

The Magistrate declared Bertram to be the rightful King of Mearth. Simon and Miriam rejected his decision and claimed that the proof was in the painting. Upon closer examination, the Magistrate determined that the mole was not part of the original painting. It was also revealed that Simon had cinnamon buns tucked in his jerkin in order to attract the dragon. The pretenders to the thrown were run out of Mearth as the Royal court made their way to the Ceili to celebrate.