Things Are Not Always As They Appear

King Bertram welcomed everyone to the eleventh annual Faire. He announced that the knights would this year be fighting for two bags of gold instead of the customary one bag.

Queen Charlotte appeared distraught, and when questioned, revealed that she has been keeping a secret from Bertram and the court for the past eleven years. Her true identity is "Charlotte, Queen of the Faerie" and unveiled her wings as proof.

"Samantha, Queen of the Faerie" is actually her little sister. Samantha had come to Mearth to remind Charlotte that she must return to Faerie by sundown. She also hinted that Charlotte may not receive a warm welcome in Faerie after so many years in the human realm. Charlotte acknowledged her obligation and asked to enjoy one last Faire at the side of her beloved Bertram. She insisted that the tournament continue as planned and the Knights were called forth to draw their lots. Samantha continued to needle Charlotte about deserting her true realm and responsibilities. Charlotte countered that people are not always suited to the role that is thrust upon them and they sometimes need to find their true calling.

The Wizard Filius and his consort attempted to smooth over the dispute, but inadvertently stirred up the conflict. Samantha vowed to show Charlotte what can happen when people abandon their duties. Bertram attempted to diffuse the situation and called for the tournament to continue.

Jericho the Herald decided that it was high time that he pursue his true calling. He begged Bertram to allow him to compete in the tournament instead of just announcing the fights. King Bertram was flustered by the turn of events and wondered who would do the heralding. Fred, the plowman's son revealed that he had always longed to do Jericho's job.

When the Knights were called forth, only Sir Shorla came forward. All the rest were suddenly struck with the urge to follow their secret desires. Tobias revealed that he wanted to teach, and Lara wanted to dance. Liam wanted to play, while Isabella and Goderick resolved to return to the kingdom of Worth to find the value of life. Sir Shorla was content to remain a knight, but would attempt to be a kinder, gentler knight. Thomas, Catriona and Dizzy Izzy all decided that they would also like to fight.

The biggest shock arose from the fact that Izzy was actually sober and demanding to be called by her proper title "Lady Isabella of Winterbourne". Filius checked the rules and decreed that the tournament was open to all, and then declared his intention to fight too.

As the day progressed, Charlotte's faeirie wings continued to grow. Samantha pointed out that Mearth had fallen into disarray since people had abandoned their responsibilities. Charlotte viewed the changes as new opportunities. Behind the scenes, Filius plotted with Lady, Thomas and Catriona to take over the kingdom of Mearth. King Bertram also began to question his "true calling" and explored several possibilities. The newly-declared fighters all won their bouts, causing Charlotte and Samantha to debate again over duty vs. finding your own path. Filius convinced Bertram that the king should also become a fighter.

It is soon apparent that fighting is not Bertram's forte. Filius pointed out that once the king entered the tournament, his throne became the prize. Filius declared his intention to challenge Bertram for the throne. Bertram invoked his right to a champion and called forth the day's two best fighters to compete for that honour. The match between Izzy and Jericho is decided in Izzy's favour. Filius arranged with his gang to buy Izzy a celebratory drink. Samantha overheard and decided to undo her meddling by convincing Liam to return.

At the final round of the tournament, Izzy was once again drunk and unable to fight. Liam returned and claimed the right of champion but Filius called in his accomplices to tip the odds in his favour. Brigit and Farrel came to Liam.s aid. Filius and his gang were defeated and order was restored, but Bertram was still upset that he had not found his true calling. Charlotte assured him that being the king was his true calling. Charlotte and Samantha resolved their dispute by agreeing that some must find their calling while others have the calling find them. Charlotte prepared to return to the land of the faerie and Bertram could not bear to see her go. It was decided that he would accompany her for one year, leaving the kingdom of Mearth under the stewardship of the herald.

Jericho reclaimed his position-- and the throne for a year, allowing Fred to do the herald duties for that time. The tournament drew to a close and they all danced at the ceili.