So a Knight, a Pirate and a Fairy Walked into a Castle...

In 2009, we saw King Bertram and Queen Charlotte return to Mearth from a year in the fairy kingdom. Many in Mearth have grown tired of the tournament and wish to see something new for the 12th year.

As the fairies and townsfolk haggle over what the new tournament would look like—and who will be in charge— Karg and his band of sea-faring marauders enters the debate. The marauders have come in search of fairy dust and plan to get it by fair means or foul. They propose to fight the fairies in the tournament and claim the fairy dust as their prize.

When Queen Charlotte is reluctant to agree to this idea, the marauding pirate crew threatens to take the dust by force. The magical dust can be made by crushing fairy wings. The fairies agree and counterplot to distract their foes using wine, women and song.

In order to keep the fights fair, the fairies have been banned from using magic during the tournament or face imprisonment. The fairies cheat in the first round by using magic and are subsequently thrown in jail. The pirates win 2 of the remaining 3 fights and declare themselves the winners of the tournament. When they attempt to claim their prize, they find that the fairies have all escaped with the knights in pursuit.

In order to ensure the fairies return, Karg holds King Bertram and Queen Charlotte hostage. The fairies return and aid Charlotte, the knights and the townsfolk in distracting the pirates with wine, women and song. After much tussle, the pirates are subdued. Peace and tranquility have returned to Mearth and as always, they all danced at the Ceili.