Riddle Mearth This

14th Royal Medieval Faire brought Druids to the court with a missive.  After some inquisitions about irate avians attacking the swine, King Bertram allowed the Druids to read their scroll.

                Boldly Shines from on High
                Holding Riches of the Land
                Safely Guarded with Worth Untold
                Find This Treasure Both Rare and Grand!

King Bertram decided that any knights who wanted to take part in this quest would have to participate in the tournament. The King introduced his loyal knights and asked them to demonstrate the standards to which he hopes all other participants can achieve. 

Queen Charlotte wanted her fairy knights to be eligible for the quest, so Balien challenged Lady Terra, the Pirate “King”, who would also become a questor.  King Bertram did not want a pirate to quest for him, but he was assured of Lady Terra’s loyalty.  More fighters joined the tournament to quest for the King.

The King soon heard a rumour that another parchment was found by the leader of the Rovers. 

Roisin read:

                Shiny and Sweet, it fills all with Cheer
                Gold Awaits you not Far But Near

Many people shouted what they believed the treasure could be and the tournament continued.  Through dubious means, the knights made progress on finding the treasure. They smugly read another parchment.

               The Sheen is Tarnishing
               Make Haste, Make Haste
               If the Treasure is gone,
              The Kingdom Will Waste

With the knights already finding their own clues, the townsfolk, fairies, pirates and rovers felt left out and angry.  Lady Terra switched allegiance and went back to leading the pirates, but that did not sit well with her fellow pirate, Philius who had her thrown in jail.  The King implored everyone to keep searching for the clues so that the Kingdom could find some peace again.

The various groups of the Kingdom believed they each had the correct answer to the riddles.

The Rovers brought: Golden Syrup: It is shiny and sweet.

The Pirates brought Mead:  When you drink this everything is nice and shiny!

The Townsfolk brought a Silver Tea Service: Holds the riches of the land.

The Knights brought a Caramel Filled Chocolate Confection:  It is shiny and sweet.

The Fairies oddly didn’t bring anything.

The King decided which one was true and showed favouritism to his own knights.  He was just about to name the Caramel Filled Chocolate Confection as the answer to the riddles, when a fight broke out among all the knights.  In order to stop the fighting, Queen Charlotte revealed the true prize.  The treasure really is the King, without him the Kingdom truly suffers. 

All are surprised at this revalation, but happily went to dance at the Ceili.