A Game of Clue of Thrones

This, the fifteenth year of the Royal Medieval Faire brings back some dastardly favourite characters.  King Davius of Dearth and his court arrive with grave accusations for the lovely Queen Charlotte.  Could she have had something to do with the death of King Bertram’s first wife, Sarah?  Does this rogue King actually have evidence of a crime?  Or is he merely after the prize of the kingdom, Dragon Grendl’s Eggs? 

Although Davius and his team produced some compelling evidence against Queen Charlotte, they failed to prove that anyone had a hand in the first Queen’s death.  She had had a bad heart all her life and though she contemplated taking a draught said to cause a painless death, the healer never gave it to her and she never drank her tea that night in any case.

Tragically the first Queen died, but joy returned to the Kingdom the following year when King Bertram married Queen Charlotte.

The Dragon eggs were safe from the treachery of King Davius and his Eiville clan and a baby dragon hatched from one of the eggs.

It was a jubilant end to the tournament!